En- Lighten Your Life – lighten your emotional load!

Brett TreacyWe are All a product of our upbringing, the environment we live in, what we eat and drink plus the people we mix with – Life.

These all have an effect on our emotional and mental attitude as well as our physical bodies. We often harbor emotions such as grief, loss, resentment, abuse as well as a host of other emotions which inhibit us from the joyous, content and fulfilled life we all deserve! Experiences and emotions sit in the energy field around the body as well as in the skeleton, muscles and organs inhibiting movement or creating disease.

At Crystal Being we have a broad range of skills to remove emotional blocks, clean and tune the auric and chakra systems on all levels and provide aids to body healing and well being. Results can sometimes be immediate however most clients feel the benefits unfold over time.

In many cases the environment can be cleared of stagnant and dirty energy. Have you ever walked into a room and felt a draining of energy, something wrong there or a bad feeling. This is often energy left from the past; fighting, arguments, abuse etc which impregnates the building, furniture and fixings. Clear this and harmony can again then reside.

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