Emotional / Etheric / Physical Treatment for a Person


Emotional / Etheric / Physical Treatment for a Person

Often the etheric body and chakra system are not in alignment and out of tune with each other and the physical body inhibiting the flow of energy; chakras are often twisted and split needing to be straightened and repaired. Etherically auras, health rays and chakras are cleaned and realigned as well as cleaning the organs and tissue.

Our bodies consist of more nothing than something – matter, in that between each of the atoms which make up our bodies is space – energy. Sometimes this energy is stagnant or diseased inhibiting energy flow. This is replaced with fresh energy often enhancing body function, movement and well being.

Our cells also harbor dirty and diseased energy which is removed and replaced with fresh vibrant prana/energy.

Positive and negative thoughts and emotions can are energetically stored in the Emotional body as well as chakras. If negative, the energy stagnates or congests spreading to organs, bones, blood and tissue as disease or inhibited movement.

Positive thoughts, a healthy diet and regular exercise aid in bringing positive energy to the body which strengthens the body and aura preventing sickness and disease.

With one or several treatments emotional baggage can be removed causing positive life changes. Emotions can be brought forward from pre-birth, gestation and life experiences make in positive and negative ways, the person we are. It is advantageous to have a regular treatment to ensure our energy bodies are clean and strong.

The treatments are energetic and can be done via a local consultation or remotely.

More than one treatment is often needed to ensure all aspects of the energies are cleansed and realigned.

Prices are in US dollars

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