Entity Removal Treatment


Entity Removal Treatment

The other major factor causing disruption to the body is the harboring of entities. There are several types encountered to date.

Over time when bad thoughts and anger are present they manifest as dark energy, normally residing in the solar plexus, throat and heart chakras. These can create their own consciousness affecting the thought processes and actions of an individual – attitude, obsessions, addictions etc. They are often in the form of a blob or slug and at times intertwined between chakras. Another variety is shaped like a tree with the trunk aligned along the back bone and branches/roots spreading to the chakras.

Spirits of the deceased are also often present especially in the heart chakras. I have often encountered spirit from passed (deceased) boyfriends/girlfriends/ wives/husbands/parents etc. “living” with the person inhibiting them in career and relationships etc. On some occasions pedophiles have returned to their favorite victims inhibiting relationship progression. It has been stated that up to 30% of people harbor spiritual entities.

More prevalent though is the incidence of other entities often alien. With new energies associated with 2012 and portals opening, new dimensional entities are able to access the planet and inhabitants. Some are here taking up residence in people to view human existence while others are here to feed energetically off the host and others. Whatever species, they play havoc with the human energy field as it is a foreign vibration upsetting the host vibration causing disharmony in daily life. Headaches, lethargy, mood swings, no goals etc.

More sinister entities resemble praying mantis, octopus, reptilians, lizards, blobs and other forms.

The parasitic entities often draw energy from the host as well as those around them resulting often in detrimental character and life path changes.

The treatments are energetic and can be done via a local consultation or remotely.

More than one treatment is often needed to ensure all aspects of the energies are cleansed and realigned.

Prices are in US dollars

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