Property and Space Clearing Treatments


Property and Space Clearing Treatments

In order to determine the cost of your PROPERTY AND SPACE CLEARING TREATMENT you need to contact us with some details of your property address/location and history.

Please use the form on the contact page.

Our thoughts and actions all have an effect on our environment with some lasting for centuries. Energetic residues of battles, abattoirs, disagreements of wars etc can last for centuries which can be felt in war torn areas where battles have been fought or a unit/house vacated by divorcees, addicts etc.

Land and buildings need to be energetically cleared for people to live harmoniously there or aid in a sale.

If the occupant suffered from a severe disease or passed away in the building, their energetic imprint can subconsciously pick up on.

This also applies to vehicles, used clothes, furniture and jewellery etc.  All need cleansing.

More than one treatment is often needed to ensure all aspects of the energies are cleansed and realigned.

Price on Application (from $150.00).

Prices are in US dollars

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